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Rules and Acknowledgements

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Rules of adding photo and video to the Album:

Starsupporta reports activities of Star and Model. 

We declare that the contents of this website never endanger national security.

Anyone who find pornographic materials, or photo(s) infringe copyright law, please contact us to delete certain materials.

If you think that certain photo(s) are not beauty or valuable enough to publish, please email us. We would consider to delete or Photoshop-modified them.

Thank you Jolly's Starphoto, 26fun, SZ Eric, together with all advertisements from shopping malls and exhibition centres, for advertising the activities of Stars.

Thank you for the management companies, organizers, crews as well as stars and models for creating the activities.

Thank you for the support and recognition of organizers.

Thank you for those who make contributions.

Welcome to enquire photos and videos at harmonouniversa@hotmail.com.hk .

Due to the destruction of the database from hackers on this website, some of the photos of the website cannot be reported. We give the most severe blame for such damaging behavior of hackers. If you need original photos, please contact us by email.

Copyright (c) Starsupporta. All Rights Reserved. Belongs to SAFACURA

Request original photo(s) or want to have any enquiry, please contact harmonouniversa@hotmail.com.hk