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Starsupporta is an international photography magazine supporting Stars and Models, in form of publishing artistic photo and video of stars and models. It was established at 2016. Parts of stars' and models' public activities were recorded into history. Timeless photos are exhibited as well. Presenting, recording and promoting stars events are some kinds of action for supporting stars. So the contents of Starsupporta include activities, fashion shows, exhibitions, parties, beauty contests, etc... Activities are dominantly opened activities taken from society and then given back to society.

There are several recording stars activities, including newspapers, magazines, TV stations, radio stations, blog platforms (online magazines, Weibo), video platforms (such as Youtube), etc. After more than ten years of observation and recording experience, I create a new way to record stars' activities, a photography magazine with multiple activity photos, giving readers an alternative reading experience and visual effects, as well as knowing more about what happened in the event. Stepping into the age of Aquarius perception, together with the explosion of internet information, it is not supposed to write too much text for readers to read. It takes time for the writer to put in words, and readers also take time to read. Using photos can save readers time in order to read more articles. Of course, it does not mean that the text is not necessary. The content that the text can express is the purpose of our photography magazine.

The aim of Starsupporta is recording events. Therefore, the original size and quality of photos are reduced in order to enhance the internet loading speed. As a result, mobile devices are more preferred to enjoy the photos and videos. The original high quality photos can be requested by sending email to us. Photoshop modified photos or 3D photos can be requested as well. Text may be added to the posts of Starsupporta if requested.

Art as a hobby, as therapy and as a profession. Supporting stars is a personal behavior. It is started from our own heart and cannot be appointed by somebody else to do that instead. Other people can support stars with their own style. Therefore, all the events in Starsupporta are posted by website owner. Because of this, with limited time and financial resources, if more than one event happened at the same time, website owner would make choices according to his favorites. Starsupporta would only help other people to post their recordings if really needed.

In addition to increasing prestige of stars and models , Starsupporta also indirectly advertises and promotes brands. Therefore, mutual benefit can be achieved for organisers, stars, sponsors, brands, audiences and web host. Welcome for reciprocal photography, reciprocal interview, reciprocal advertisement, etc... Invitation cards / letters are welcomed to be received by email harmonouniversa@hotmail.com.hk  ,
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/zidane.yeung , http://www.instagram.com/zidaneyeung or  WeChat (ID: zidane08042009).


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Starsupporta reports lovely photos of Stars and Models. Contents are lovely contents without any pornographic materials. Lovely contents are not equal to pornographic. Pornographic materials are restricted. Photographing mindset is serving and contributing. Starsupporta does not have [kinky].

Starsupporta reports mainly public activities. Press card was registered for private activities, or event organizers had invitation or approved to do so. Starsupporta does do have [piracy]. Please contact us to remove certain materials if you think it violate any copyright law.

Starsupporta does not have [kill], it is mainly about happiness and lovely, and there are very few concepts of sadness and horror.

All the photos and videos in Starsupporta are not and will not be used for commercial purposes. The advertisements posted at the bottom of the website help affiliate the marketing.

We declare that the contents of this website never endanger national security.

Copyright © Starsupporta. All Rights Reserved. Belongs to SAFACURA

Request original photo(s) or want to have any enquiry, please contact harmonouniversa@hotmail.com.hk